Larry C. Marchant Jr.

 help is on the way

Attorney and counselor at law 
  • In an accident and the Insurance Company is jerking your around? 
  • Divorce is most often an emotional and stressful time.  The legal system can be challenging.   Let me help you protect yourself, your children, and your property, 
  • Had a brush with the law and you are unsure of your legal rights?  I am an experienced criminal lawyer. 
  • The state or local governments' regulations and red tape are ruining your business?  Over 30 years of experience dealing with all levels of government. 
  • Allow me to give you sound-easy to understand-legal advice.  I am 100% committed to fight for you.  Life is tough at times.  Instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about the legal issues, put your trust in me.

Larry Marchant cut his teeth in the rough and tumble world of South Carolina politics.  After over 25 years as lobbyist working for big corporate giants, Marchant grew tired of the injustice he witnessed almost everyday.  He had enough, earned a law degree, and has pledged to devote the rest of his career helping everyday people successfully navigate the often-confusing legal system. 

A fierce fighter, and afraid of no one,  

Larry is ready to work for you.